Which branches of medicine are covered by Emerge?

Emerge covers all branches of medicine.

How long will it take to set up Emerge?

Getting Emerge up and running at your facility will take 4-8 weeks with minimal work from your staff.

Will Emerge work with my IT infrastructure?

Yes. Emerge is thoroughly lab and field tested; and we can assure you we've experimented with a myriad of IT infrastructures. Emerge will work for you too.

What is your impact on my IT infrastructure?

Minimal. All of the heavy lifting is done by our AWS servers. • Emerge does not require any software to be installed on user machines. In some cases, we offer a browser-extension to enhance end-user experience. • There are no extended training programs. • Emerge is a true turnkey solution of medical data intelligence.

We use a hosted IT environment. Will Emerge work?

Yes it will.

Can I self-host Emerge?

Please contact us to discuss specifics:

Can I add data from XYZ interface?

Yes! Contact us for more details:

Which EHRs do you support?

At present we support Allscripts and athenahealth. If you have legacy data with other EHR vendors, reach out to us to discuss our data-migration possibilities:

Which type of data does Emerge read?

Emerge pulls information from all data types:

• Structured data.

• Free text notes.

• Scanned paper documents with typed text can now be read and searched thanks to our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) funcionality.

Will I have to log in to use Emerge?

No. Emerge is accessed via Single Sign-On directly from the EHR.