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Emerge Is For The Kids

January 11th, 2021

Leading Pediatric Hospital improves patient care with Emerge

La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois has selected Emerge to help innovate in Q1 2021. With over 100 years of experience treating children, the team at La Rabida understands the needs of those battling the most serious and complex of conditions. With an expected Go-Live in 2021, La Rabida is poised to have a transformative 2021 and will continue to serve as a model for other healthcare institutions across the nation.

“La Rabida Children’s Hospital represents the best of American medicine. They provide the gold standard of care for children, regardless of the families financial position. Emerge is proud to partner with La Rabida to bring our world class technology to aid this fine hospital as it continues its mission which has been going strong for over 100 years. La Rabida solves complex medical conditions for children, Emerge makes using that data easy and more powerful than ever” said Scott Finfer, CEO of Emerge.


David Vorhoff

--- Sales:

Ray Guy, Client Experience Manager



About Emerge

Emerge is the leader in medical data intelligence solutions that enable clinicians easy access to all types of clinical data, structured and unstructured, across multiple disparate EMR system databases through a single interface. For more information, please visit, Facebook, or our LinkedIn.

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