Kidney Disease Medical Group Partners with Emerge

March 15th, 2021

Emerge continues to solidify it's position as an innovator in 2021

As Los Angeles County’s leaders in nephrology treatment, Kidney Disease Medical Group recognizes the need to provide the best medical care possible while continuing to innovate and improve. Their commitment to excellence has led to a partnership with Emerge, who will provide unparalleled access to the entirety of the data inside each patient’s medical record. The tools built throughout the partnership will focus on assisting with workflows and reporting centered CKCC (Kidney Care Choices Model) Initiatives.

“I’m super happy to work with an advanced group like Kidney Disease Medical Group. One of the things I’ve learned from over a decade in the healthcare space is that it’s not the size of a group or practice that makes them mighty but the desire to do things better simply because they can is what matters. KDMG has the desire to change healthcare and get full control of their data and that’s what makes them a truly great partner for Emerge” said Scott Finfer, CEO of Emerge.

About Emerge

Emerge is the leader in medical data intelligence solutions that enable clinicians easy access to all types of clinical data across multiple disparate EMR system databases all through a single interface called ChartScout. Visit, Facebook, or our LinkedIn.


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