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Our core offering is an intuitive patient-chart search and visualization solution, which offers healthcare professionals swift and reliable access to EHR data.  Providing a single point of truth with a click.


• Distills all relevant EHR data in a lightning-fast, context-sensitive user experience. The right info at the right time.

• Illuminates unknown, potentially vital, EHR data, resulting in more informed decisions and increased quality of care.

• Reduction of mouse clicks during patient encounters from an approximate industry average of 15 clicks to 1. Less time on the computer and more time with the patients; saving, on average, 4 minutes per encounter.


Integral to medical data intelligence are the ChartScout Dashboards, created by Emerge to facilitate patient overview and management for caregivers; affording them an emphasis on relevance and clarity over cumbersome info overload.

A group of patients will often have chronic conditions (e.g. Congestive Heart Failure).  Based on the specific requirements of the provider or clinic, Emerge bundles all information pertinent to such conditions into organized and detailed Dashboards, each accessible with a single click.  This translates to considerable time-saving with no negative effect imposed upon the overall clinical workflow for the doctor.

The Dashboards extract all available EHR information, from structured data, free text and scanned images (using OCR).

Some examples of Emerge’s contextually-aware Dashboards are:


• CHF (Congest. HeartFail) DM (Diabetes) CKD (Chron. KidneyDisease) HTN (Hypertension)

• Chart Prep (Patient Overview)

• Top Searches (quick access to most frequent queries based on individual workflow)

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ChartPop is a patient population management tool that provides users with tailored cross-sectional views of all active patients. 

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In the event of access-loss to a facility’s EHR system, ChartScout allows login through ChartVault as an emergency measure to provide the medical and admin staff complete access to their patient information, regardless of EHR connectivity.


Should the facility’s own system experience catastrophic data loss, ChartVault’s safeguarded knowledge of the actual records will facilitate a recovery.

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ChartGenie is a data conversion service that provides a seamless transition of data from one system to the next. Emerge will import specific data into your new EMR, while also creating an accessible archive of the old database. The end result presents a single synthetic patient view to the user, utilizing data from both legacy and current EMRs.

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- 1 -

Optical Character Recognition OCR

Our sophisticated OCR converts your scanned paper documents into searchable digital data.

- 2 -

Natural Language Processing


Our NLP technology understands medical context and searches your free-text data to pin-point and visualize results.

- 3 -

Data Normalization

Emerge provides seamless data migration for your facility. You can expect one-point access to all your new EHR data and your legacy data with a single-user sign on. 

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